I help businesses translate what they want to say into what their customers want to hear.
Melanie Grant

Melanie Grant

I started this company because I am passionate about marketing. I love learning about businesses - who's behind them,  who their customers are, and most of all, what messages they want to communicate.

Those messages are my specialty.  I help businesses translate "what you want to say" into "what your customers want to hear".

There are lots of stories a business can tell, it's picking the right one that's important. 

My marketing experience started at Dalhousie University, where I worked for a firm focusing on grassroots impact. Through them, I worked with products from Kraft Maxwell House, Lindt and Clairol

After I graduated, I worked for CHFX and CHNS Radio (Maritime Broadcasting) in Halifax. I spent a lot of time learning about businesses and how to help them craft their message. 

I wanted to backup my instincts with some professional instruction so I took Marketing and International Business at the Nova Scotia Community College in Truro, and got a firm handle on Marketing Theories and how to put those best practices in place. After that, I completed several online courses to get familiar with marketing through social media, and online. 

By October 2016, I launched SplashPad. A company committed to helping businesses grow using comprehensive marketing strategies put in place through social media and online.